Makerspace Resources

Makerspace project plan (use this sheet to brainstorm and plan your projects)

LulzBot Taz 6 3D printer (user manual)

Sewing Machines and sewing supplies (needles, thread, fabric)

Button maker for making 1.75″ badges (user guide)

Microcontrollers (Raspberry Pi and Arduino)

Sphero robot

Soldering irons and kits

Misc. electronics suppliesĀ  and kits (LEDs, copper taper, wire, motors, littleBits, Snap Circuits)

Misc. Robotics kits

Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter

Knitting and Crochet materials (needles, hooks, yarn) (libguide)

Bookbinding supplies (bone folders, paste, awls, binders board, spiral binding machine) (libguide)

Jewelry-making supplies (beads, wire, fasteners)

Tape (clear, Duct tape, washi tape, packing tape, masking tape)

Misc. art supplies (paper, scissors, markers, brushes, paint, glue, etc.)

Books and Manuals